Overview of Impetus.

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Meaning of the word Impetus
General background of the word "Impetus" itself...

  • An impelling force; an impulse.
  • The force or energy associated with a moving body.
  • An impelling movement or force; incentive or impulse; stimulus.
  • (Physics / General Physics) Physics the force that sets a body in motion or that tends to resist changes in a body's motion.
  • A force that moves something along. The act of applying force suddenly.

  • Incentive
  • Motivation
  • Impulse
  • Stimulus
  • Force
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Momentum

Game Meaning
The game is ultimately a battle for its own name... Impetus. You want to become that unbeatable force, have all the power, maintain that unstoppable momentum. Don't let your enemies stop you from getting what you want, feel the impulse, push them back, crush them, take the victory.

Game Theme
Impetus takes place in a different part of the universe, and is made up of 3 planets: Planet A, Planet B, and Planet C (creative names, I know). All 3 planets are enemies with each other. Planet A and Planet B are populated by human players, and Planet C is the Bot planet. The Bot planet is made up of several AI players (adjusted to match the number of human players).

The planets orbit around a Sun, changing the distance between them throughout the course of a game round. Distance has an effect on Attacking your enemies -- the farther away they are, the longer it takes your Units to return. Each game round lasts 4 weeks (28 days). At the end of each round, 1 planet is deemed victorious, while the other 2 suffer the humiliation of defeat. It is entirely possible for the Bot planet to win.

Gameplay is made up of 5 key elements: Buildings, Surveying (Land), Attacking/Defending, Units, and Researching. If any of these areas are ignored, failure is assured. Aside from Resources, managing your Buildings is the most important part of planning for success. Without the right balance of different Buildings, you may fall behind in certain areas of production. However, space is limited as you can only build on Land that you have Surveyed.

Surveying is how you 'create' Land to build your Buildings on. If this is never used, you will not be able to create more Buildings in order to fit your needs. Make sure you never leave your Defense too low -- there is the possibility of your Land getting damaged when unsuccessfully defending an attack from another Player/Bot. Damaged Land cannot be built on until it has been Surveyed again.

Attacking and Defending is what gets players ahead, as well as setting others behind. Successful attacks on another player will destroy some of their Units and Land, as well as reward the attacker with a percentage of that player's current Resources. After initiating an attack, you must then wait for your Units to return back to base. During this time, they are unable to defend you from attacks.

Units are what make up your Attacking and Defending forces. Without enough Units, you may be too weak to attack your enemies or defend yourself from them. Some Units have certain passive abilities that give them bonuses in battles, such as a small chance of not getting destroyed. These abilities can be upgraded/discovered through researching.

Researching is used to improve almost everything that Impetus has to offer. Players use Researching to unlock higher tiers of Units and Buildings. You can also improve things such as cheaper Building costs, stronger Unit damage, or even higher Resource production rates. This is the area of the game that lets players tweak certain stats to better match their playstyle.