Attacking & Defending
Attacking is a very effective way to get yourself ahead, as well as put your target(s) behind in the game. When you successfully attack someone, you will kill a percentage of their Units, destroy some of their Buildings, and damage some of their Land, but you will lose a small percentage of the Units you send. You will also be rewarded with a percentage of their current Resources.

(mod) - values can be modified in the game

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Sending an Attack
Attacking is not free, as it costs some Fuel for each Unit you send (changes based on distance from target planet). It is a good idea to send Scouting Drones at your target first to see if they are worth attacking, as well as see how many Units they have. Be careful not to send too many Units at once, or you may leave yourself vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Rules for Attacking
  • Target must not be worth less than 50% of your value.
  • Units sent must not be outnumbered by more than 2:1.
  • Each sent Unit requires x(mod) amount of Fuel.
  • You may only have 1(mod) group of Units out at a given time.

Attack Outcomes
Each Attack yields instant results (win or loss), but you will need to wait a certain amount of time for your Units to return.

Attack Success
  • Kill 5%(mod) enemy Units.
  • Lose 1%(mod) sent Units.
  • Destroy 5%(mod) enemy Buildings.
  • Damage 1%(mod) enemy Land.
  • Steal 3%(mod) enemy Scrap Metal and Steel.
  • Steal 3%(mod) enemy Crude Oil and Fuel.
  • Steal 3%(mod) enemy Energy.
  • Steal 3%(mod) enemy Civilians and Trainees.

Attack Failure
  • Kill 1%(mod) enemy Units.
  • Lose 10%(mod) sent Units.

Defending from attacks requires no action from the defending Player. Although Players are not actively in charge of defending themselves, they can use Abilities to strengthen their defenses if they suspect an incoming attack.