Buildings are needed to produce and convert resources, store advanced materials, house your population, and provide space for your units. Buildings can only be built on Surveyed Land and can be Salvaged at any time, for a small refund, if you wish to build something else.

(mod) - values can be modified in the game

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Building & Salvaging Buildings
Buildings require Steel and Money to be built. All buildings cost the same to build, but you need to manage your Land carefully, building too many of 1 kind of building may leave you weak in other areas.

Building Buildings
  • Buildings are created over a period of 1 hour (x Buildings every minute, rounded down).
  • All Buildings share the same creation timer.
  • If you add more Buildings to be created while already in progress, the creation timer restarts.

Salvaging Buildings
  • Buildings take no time to be Salvaged.
  • Salvaging Buildings returns 10%(mod) of the Steel it costs to build them.
  • Salvaging Buildings, built on Bountiful Land, will cause the Land to lose its Bountiful properties.

List of Buildings
  • Requires no input.
  • Low Scrap Metal output.

  • Requires low Energy input.
  • Requires low Fuel input.
  • High Scrap Metal output.

Induction Furnaces
  • Requires low Energy Input.
  • Converts Scrap Metal to Steel.

  • Requires no input.
  • Low Crude Oil output.

Drilling Rigs
  • Requires medium Energy input.
  • High Crude Oil output.

Oil Refineries
  • Requires low Energy input.
  • Converts Crude Oil to Fuel.

Solar Alternators
  • Requires no input.
  • Low Energy output.

  • Requires medium Fuel input.
  • High Energy Output.

Fusion Chambers
  • Requires high Energy input.
  • Converts Steel to Titanium.
  • Converts Fuel to Nitroethane.
  • Converts Energy to Plasma.

Housing Lots
  • Civilian living space.
  • Produces Civilians.

  • Trainee living space.
  • Converts Civilians to Trainees.

  • Scientist living space.
  • Converts Trainees to Scientists.
  • Titanium storage space.
  • Nitroethane storage space.
  • Plasma storage space.

Military Bases
  • Soldier living space.
  • Converts Trainees to Soldiers.
  • Unit storage space.

Drone Sheds
  • Used to create Drones.
  • Drone storage space.