Land is required to build Buildings on, and is obtained through a process called 'Surveying'. Land can become damaged from getting attacked and any Buildings built on the land will be destroyed. If land is damaged, it will not be useable until you Survey the land again.

(mod) - values can be modified in the game

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Surveying requires that you Pay Trainees to go and survey the area for you to make land that you can build on. The cost of Surveying changes depending on how much land you already have. You may only have 1 group of Trainees out at a given time -- after you send a group out, you will need to wait for their return before you can send another. The entire Surveying process takes 1 hour to complete (x land every minute, rounded down). Surveying has a 1%(mod) chance to reveal Bountiful land. Salvaging a Building, built on Bountiful Land, will convert it to regular land.

Bountiful Land
  • Mines and Excavators produce 5%(mod) more Scrap Metal.
  • Turbodrills and Drilling Rigs produce 5%(mod) more Crude Oil.
  • Solar Alternators and Generators produce 5%(mod) more Energy.