Units are needed both to Attack your enemies, as well as provide Defense from them. Units require room Military Bases in order to have space to be stored. Units can be Salvaged at any time, for a small refund, if you wish to make something else.

(mod) - values can be modified in the game

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Making & Salvaging Units

Making Units
  • Units are created over a period of 1 hour (x Units every minute, rounded down).
  • All Units share the same creation timer.
  • If you add more units to be created while already in progress, the creation timer restarts.

Salvaging Units
  • Soldiers cannot be salvaged.
  • Units take no time to be Salvaged.
  • Salvaging Units returns 5%(mod) of the Metal it costs to make them.
  • Salvaging Units returns 5%(mod) of the Fuel it costs to make them.
  • All Soldiers are returned to Military Bases from Salvaged Units.

List of Units
Units TBD